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Discover Renaissance-Inspired
Zentangle Magic

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Dive into the art of Zentangle with my Renaissance Tiles workshop! Explore the beauty of intricate patterns and classical elegance as we blend history with creativity. 

This workshop takes your tiles to a whole new level! Everyone leaves feeling inspired and confident in their tangling, believing they really CAN draw!!

Supplies Needed: 

  • Tan tiles (3.5" x 3.5")

  • Sakura Pigma Micron PN pen or black fine-liner pen 0.5mm

  • Sepia Micron PN Pen, or 0.5mm (Note: Check the colour of the pen - some Sepias are darker brown, you need the terracotta-coloured version)

  • Graphite pencil

  • White charcoal pencil

  • Metallic gold gel pen (for sparkle).

Renaissance Mosaic 1_edited.jpg
Renaissance Mosaic 2_edited.jpg
Renaissance Mosaic 5_edited.jpg

Anne Glen

I  recently had the pleasure of attending a Zentangle Renaissance Mosaic Tile Workshop led by Ruby and it was an unforgettable experience.
The workshop was so absorbing that time seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I had created a stunning piece of art.

Ruby's skill as a teacher was evident in her patience and clear instructions making the process both enjoyable and relaxing. She had clearly put a lot of thought and hard work into designing the class and her passion for the subject was inspiring. I left with a spring in my step, amazed by my own abilities and the beauty of the finished product.

I highly recommend this workshop with Ruby for anyone who is interested in this mindful art form.
Her guidance and encouragement have increased my confidence and I am very grateful to learn from such a talented and dedicated teacher.

Chris Govan

Had a tangletastic time this afternoon at a Renaissance Mosaic workshop run by Ruby Two Shoes . Under her expert tuition we managed to combine some tangles we had previously learned to the next level with amazing results. We all went home feeling a great sense of achievement at having created real art . 
Thank you Ruby X

P.S The coffee and cake at the Café Royale was great too 🤩

Karen Noble

A fantastic class. Cannot believe what I achieved.
Ruby is a wonderful , patient teacher.
The workshop was so good and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Renaissance & Zentangle

Learn how Zentangle incorporates elements from the Renaissance era, adding historical elegance to your tiles.
Embrace the Freedom

Give yourself the space and time to experiment and explore. Translate your ideas into captivating patterns and designs. Learn how to trust your intuition in developing your own style and self-expression.
Try New Tools

 Learn how to use a variety of tools to enrich textures and contrasts on your finished piece.
Meditative Practice

Immerse yourself in the meditative process of Zentangle, finding peace and tranquillity in each deliberate stroke.
Master the Basics

Master Zentangle basics for creative exploration, laying the groundwork for your ongoing Renaissance journey.
All Levels Welcome

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll receive guidance and support in a friendly atmosphere.

Reduce Stress,
Promote Mindfulness & Balance

Experience how the rhythmic flow of patterns and repetition can calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote mindfulness, creating a harmonious balance between creativity and relaxation.

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