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Zentangle Express
(For when you're short on time, but need some zen)

Zentangle Express Workshop

Pre-Recorded Live Session (On Demand)

Unlock the power of quick tangling. Learn to create intricate tangles in 15 minutes or less, perfect for busy schedules craving artistic fulfilment. Join me to unleash your creativity effortlessly so you can create some zen in your busy day!

Learn Time-Saving Tangles​

Discover quick, beautiful designs that take minutes, not hours, allowing you to access a feeling of calm quickly.
Create mini Zentangle masterpieces:
Achieve stunning results in just 15 minutes with our expert guidance.
Shades of Grey
Learn simple shading techniques: Add depth without spending hours perfecting your art.
No Experience Necessary

Whether you're a seasoned artist or picking up a pen for the first time, this workshop is perfect for all skill levels. I will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Maintain Focus​

Clear your mind in short sessions. Stay uninterrupted and boost your productivity in every tangle.
Discover mindful tangling techniques:
Explore how Zentangle can be a calming and meditative practice, helping you find peace amidst life's chaos.

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Just £18

You will be sent a full supply list and joining info on receipt of payment.


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