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🎨🌀Are you ready to dive deeper into the captivating world of tangling? Join me on an exciting journey through the art of Zentangle at the exclusive Tangle Emporium. 🎉✨


Here’s the scoop: for just £28, you can hop on board (instead of the usual price of £33.22 for just the monthly workshops) and enjoy a whirlwind of creativity and learning every month! 


Let's Talk Workshops! 🖌️📅


I've got a spectacular lineup of monthly workshops tailor-made to expand your Zentangle library and elevate your skills to new heights:

🌀Monthly Workshops:

Mark your calendar for my monthly immersive sessions that guarantee to ignite your creativity! Here's an idea of the kind of workshops I run:


🌀 Intro to Black Zentangle Tiles - Dive into the world of Black Zentangle Tiles in our introductory workshop. Unleash your artistic prowess and create captivating patterns on these unique canvases! ✒️


🌀 Explore the elegance of Grey Zentangle Tiles - Discover new patterns and techniques that will breathe life into your designs on these captivating tiles! 🖊️


🌀 Morphing Tangles with Colour -  Prepare for an exciting adventure as we delve into Morphing Tangles with Colour! Witness your Zentangle creations transform with vibrant hues and intricate patterns. 🌈✨


And that's not all! 🌟 As a part of The Tangle Emporium, once a month you’ll receive exclusive content that includes bonus videos, replays to all workshops*, step-by-step guides to patterns and bite-size Zentangle learnings to fuel your Zentangle journey! *NB replays are for workshops running after the date you signed up, unless otherwise stated.


Join me and let's embrace the joy of creating intricate, beautiful designs together. With my workshops, you’ll expand your Zentangle repertoire and find a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts, all passionate about the art of tangling!

🤫🤫A Little Secret for You

My standalone workshops are currently priced at £33.22 (A random price because of Eventbrite fees!) However, as a Tangle Emporium member, you'll get way more value for money. You'll get the workshop of the month, access to a pattern step-out library, exclusive content and early access to offers – a treasure trove of tangling goodness at an unbeatable price.


So, don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity!


Grab your membership now for just £28 a month and unlock a world of creativity and inspiration. £3 from each sale will go towards helping the homeless.


🌟 Sign up today and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Zentangle artistry! ⭐️


Sign up now, and let's tangle, create, and inspire together! 🌀✨

Ruby x

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