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Tanglepreneur Toolkit 
Your All-in-One Zentangle Business Solution

Introducing the Zentangle Teacher Business Launch Programme!


Your roadmap to confidence, marketing mastery, and community support, with expert guidance from Ruby McGuire, an Accredited Master Coach and Accredited Master Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, Author.

Tanglepreneur Toolkit

Welcome to the Zentangle Teacher Business

Launch Programme!

The Tanglepreneur Toolkit programme is designed for Certified Zentangle Teachers who are eager to kickstart their business but may feel uncertain about where to begin. This programme offers a comprehensive blend of confidence-building exercises, practical business knowledge, and ongoing coaching and mentoring support to help participants establish and grow their Zentangle teaching business with ease.

Programme Components:

3 months of support to get you up and running, and become the Tanglepreneur Queen of your business!

Confidence Building Tools:

  • Interactive sessions focused on creating a success mindset. When you have strong self-belief, you're much more likely to succeed.

  • Activities designed to overcome any self-doubt and fear of failure. It's time to let go of that, 'I can't do this' feeling!

  • Strategies for cultivating a positive mindset and embracing challenges. The solopreneur journey can be a rollercoaster. With the right mindset, you can still create success.

Workshop Setup and Marketing Materials:

  • Step-by-step guidance on setting up your first Zentangle workshop. No more floundering trying to figure out how to pull something together.  You'll be invited to 'teach' a mini-workshop, and get feedback from me (a professional trainer)/the other CZTs. Yes, it sounds terrifying, but it will make your workshop the best it can be!

  • 'Done-For'You' templates and resources for creating professional marketing materials. I've taken all of the worry out of it for you. 

  • Techniques and strategies for effectively promoting workshops and attracting participants.

Access to me, an Accredited Master Coach & Accredited Master Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, Author (All that to say I know what I'm talking about!!) Find out more about my work here)

  • Exclusive access to a supportive Facebook group for ongoing networking and collaboration.

  • Two live one-hour coaching and mentoring calls per month with me. This bit is worth the cost of the programme alone, as you'll not only learn from me, you'll learn from other CZTs too :)

  • Opportunity to ask burning questions, receive personalised guidance, and share insights with your CZT 'soon to be friends'.

Fearlessly Visible in Your Business:

  • Specialised materials and exercises focused on becoming fearlessly visible. I was a Visibility Strategist for 4 years, so know what it takes to get noticed.

  • Strategies for confidently presenting yourself and your services to potential clients. It can be super uncomfortable asking people to buy from you. You don't have a choice if you want to run a business. Let's ditch that fear!

  • Tips for building a strong online presence and leveraging social media platforms effectively. It can be easier than you think once you have a plan.

Content for Two Workshops:

  • Curated content and lesson plans for conducting two engaging Zentangle workshops. 

  • Creative ideas for designing unique workshop experiences and engaging participants.

  • Guidance on adapting workshop content to suit different skill levels and learning styles.






Programme Pricing. There are two programmes: The live programme, and self-study.

  • Beta Live Round: Just £250 Pay in full, or 3 part-payment plan available - 3 payments of £85.

  • Regular Launch Price: £1,000


Beta Self-Study Round: Just £150 Pay in full, or 3 part-payment plan available - 3 payments of £50.

  • Regular Launch Price: £500

  • NB. This programme has most of the components of the Beta Live Round. The difference is it will be a self-study programme where you can access video and audio content, worksheets and one live monthly coaching and mentoring call with me.


Programme Benefits:

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge needed to launch a successful Zentangle teaching business. I am really great at shifting mindset blocks and filling knowledge gaps that you might have in running a business.

  • Access valuable resources, templates, and materials to streamline business setup and marketing efforts. Don't know what to say on social media/ads etc? I've got you covered. 

  • Connect with a supportive community of fellow Zentangle teachers for ongoing guidance and collaboration.

  • Receive personalised coaching and mentoring at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching sessions. My 1:1 clients pay £3,500 to work with me over 4 months. You'll get invaluable input to help you grow your business for a fraction of the cost of working with me solo.

  • Develop the skills to effectively market workshops, attract clients, and establish a strong online presence.

The Tanglepreneur Toolkit programme offers a holistic approach to launching and growing a successful Zentangle teaching business*. By combining confidence-building exercises, practical business strategies, and ongoing support, you will gain the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in your solopreneurial journey.

I'm an experienced coach and mentor who's coached hundreds of clients to grow their business,


Don't miss this opportunity to turn your passion for Zentangle into a rewarding and profitable business venture!









Unlock your potential, establish your business, and thrive in your Zentangle teaching journey.

Are you ready to take the next step in your Zentangle teaching journey? Join me and embark on a transformative learning experience today!

Note: Prices and programme details are subject to change. Contact me at for the latest information and enrollment details. 








Legal Disclaimer*: We've worked hard to paint a true picture of our products/services and their possibilities. The testimonials and examples we share sparkle with exceptional results but might not be the norm for everyone who buys the programmes. They're not magic guarantees for everyone else! Success depends on many things such as motivation, commitment and drive.  Just like any thrilling adventure, there's a risk of financial twists and turns, so we can't promise a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or that you'll earn any money. It's down to you to take responsibility and ownership for your business results.

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Ready to elevate your workshops and kickstart success?

Secure your spot now. Only 6 spots available.


What People Are Saying

This is what people are saying about Zentangle and the workshops :)

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 14.01.40.png

Ruby's workshop is amazing. She creates a fun and curious atmosphere. I encourage you to try out Zentangle. I love it already! 


Aurora Dawn Campbell

Highly recommended. Great activity for de-stressing, very absorbing, and a great teacher too.


Amanda Peet

Loved this, and still loving creating my mini pieces of artwork.


Anne Glen

I highly recommend this absorbing, relaxing and fun activity and Ruby is a fantastic teacher.


Anne Marie Mcgeechan

Fab class. 2 hours disappeared in a flash. So enjoyable and Ruby is a great teacher.


Aditi Mahajan

I attended a Zentangle Inspired Card class taught by Ruby. This was an amazing class with a focus on slowing down, zen and enjoying the process with no rules. I love the result of my card, makes me feel peaceful.


Fiona Piers-Taylor

Zentangle was an absorbing, relaxing and creative journey. I discovered something new to me! Thank you so much Ruby.


Linda Fields

Had so much fun in today's class with Ruby. I kept on playing for many hours after it was over, getting lost in a sea of leaves, tendrils, and blooming flowers as I practiced some tangles I learned and went on to make up my own too.


Geraldine Kelly

Ruby is a fabulous Teacher, clear, concise, and comprehensive. I learnt loads in just 2 hours and am inspired to do more. Thanks, Ruby 💗

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 15.25.40.png

This could be you!

If you're ready to slow down and relax for a few minutes, come and join me in one of my workshops. I can't wait to meet you and teach you this beautiful art form.

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